How does it make you feel?

I had a coaching session today with a lady from England. We talked about just general stuff and she constantly would ask me “How do you want to feel?” or “How does this make you feel?”

I am still learning to think by this “feeling” category. I have learnt to do, act, set goals, meet deadlines, achieve. I did not learn to think about how I feel. I found, that nothing that I achieve, makes me feel good, or it makes me feel good for a little bit and then I have more dead lines to meet and goals to accomplish, which are often not about me feeling good. It is often about me doing things “right” or fulfilling my responsibilities or just doing that out of habit.  I have been neglecting the feeling side of my actions.

Why don’t I do, act, achieve because I want to feel certain way? I can go to work because I want to feel fulfilled; I can do dishes, laundry, clean the house because I want to feel organized; I can weed and water the yard because I want to feel happy; I can share my knowledge because I want to feel abundant; I can host a party because I want to feel joyful and generous. How about attaching a feeling to the actions we choose to perform? How does this make me feel? How do I want to feel?

I might just choose to feel first and then act.

Much love.


Free Quest Flier

Now, when I have got my Law of Attraction life coach certification, I have been thinking: How do I really want to call myself? I know I want to work with world travelers, globe trotters, expatriates – people who move around the globe for work, exploration or other life circumstances.

I decided to Google the word “traveler” to look for synonyms and definitions. I am amazed with the abundance of words that describe the act of moving from place to place. Wanderer, voyager, itinerant, caravan, backpacker, pilgrim, bird of passage – whatever word I choose to call myself as a coach – it is going to be about freedom, journey, and discovery.

My attention was caught by “Frequent flyer” expression. I gave it a little feeling thought and came up with “Free Quest Flier”. How about that? I am a Free Quest Flier Life Coach.

We are on a quest with the intention to feel joyful.

Life is a journey of joy. Embrace it!

Much love,