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  1. OMG or WOW, We are facing a move. Just saying the words cause a nervousness in my stomach. The process of evaluating, sorting, eliminating, packing. I can see the benefits of doing this, releaving myself of the extra baggage would indeed make me feel better about the final move. I wish it was just my belongings I had to worry about but it is not. I wish I knew where the money required to make this move was coming from, how much will we need? How will a 90 year old room mate handle the disruption and confusion. I agree that moving can be a new beginning, a fresh start. If only the path wasn’t filled with so much unsureness and obstacles. Yes anything and everything can be resolved or fixed or overcome. Yes the move will happen just as its suppose to. I will hope for a happy outcome.

    1. Hi, Carrie, facing to move is horrifying for many people. What would be one step you can take today to prepare for the move? Think about just one step and commit to doing it. It will add a big golden coin into your success jar. Love. Lena

  2. The garage sale!! A notion filled with excitement and promise. Hope of success is frosting on the cake. I knew the day would come when downsizing and eliminating the junk would be a necessity. The reasons for saving stuff has changed. “But it all has a story”, My story. The closets are filled with afghans that my mom made and things stored for other people that we wait patiently for them to need. The gifts from over the years from this person or that person have changed in value. Some define a time in your life that help you remember who you are and why you are were you are today. Eliminating the junk, easy peasy. Downsizing your life is a reminder of who, what, and where you have been. Some good some bad. Funny that in the end, all the things you thought mattered didn’t. My treasures are junk to be discarded, my memories meaningless. This seems to be life’s reward. I feel blessed to have had this life of mine and it is not going to be easy letting it all go.

    1. Dear Carrie, your treasures are still your treasures unless you decide that they do not mean anything to you any more and you are ready to pass them along. Your memories are yours unless you decide to discard them. Your past does not define your future, unless you choose to get stuck in your past. What would you take with you to your bright future tomorrow? Sending you a lot of sunshine. Lena

  3. Life in my opinion is a series of plays. You are given a roll to play and a script to follow. Stay on track, follow the plan, everything will be fine, have a little faith. Just accept what is and move on with a smile on your face. As long as you can flush your own hopes and expectations for life down the toilet you will be happy. Simple!

    1. Thanks for your comment, Carrie. How do you know that you are given a script? Is it the thoughts you are thinking and the feelings you chose to feel. You can always choose a new thought and feel differently. You can create your life. Big hug. Lena

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